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Competition horse

Fortuna (9 years old) was over-exercised in 2010,
she will be back in the competition business Nov. 2012

Everybody’s Darling (7 years old) has already won M** and has been ranked in S-classes. She is in training for the Youngster Tour 2013 (S**). 

Amira (7 years old) is ridden by Annika Ottens,
was ranked in jumper classes L/M and is being trained for higher classes by Josè Cristiano Bicudo and Annika Ottens.

''Excelent Choice'' by Embassy/Don Juan (6 years old):
In 2012 highly ranked in jumper ability class M and in jumping classes M**.

''Delgado'' by Depardieu/Davignon (5 years old):
Winner of Riding ability classes, ridden in dressage ability classes by Stephanie Schulz.

''Flash Dance'' by Fidertanz/De Niro (5-year-old stallion):
Winner of Riding ability classes, trained for dressage ability classes A/L by Stephanie Schulz.

''Southern Comfort'' by Stedinger/Ravallo (4 years old):
Extremely talented for jumping as well as for eventing, will be presented publicly in jumper ability classes in autumn.

''Quibel'' by Quaid/Stakkato (3 years old) is characterized by high rideabilitiy marks and spectacular scope and style in jumping, ranked second best in the free-jumping championship Verden 2012.

''Excellent Jump'' by Embassy/Don Juan (3 years old):
Spectacular in walk, trot and gallop, high rideability marks and extraordinary jumping abilities point towards a very promising future as competition horse in show jumping.

''Golden Top'' by Graf Top/Embassy (3 years old):
Showed his remarkable jumping abilities and movements during the stallions' pre-selection. Since he was born late in 2009 he will be presented in public in 2013.

''Carlson'' by Calido/Raphael (3 years old):
Still needs some time for physical development, will be presented in public at the end of 2012.