Dam lines

Four dam lines have their home on the SteuberHof.

1. Dam line of Leuthen (focal point: jumping)

Dam line of Leuthen

  • offspring success account: 264,000 €
  • 5 approved stallions (Hanoverians)
  • 165 registered competition horses

2 of the 5 approved stallions were bred on the SteuberHof, another one got his license in Spain and has been used there for breeding.

State premium mare Estelle by Embassy out of Day Dream by Don Juan out of Pik Dame by Pik Koenig/Abhang III was the first Von – der – Decken – Show winner in 2007 (jumping).

Pik Dame (very fertile) by Pik Koenig out of Albama by Abhang III was the first very significant mare having been purchased by us about 30 years ago, carrying a foal by Don Juan.

Pik Dame guaranteed foals for auctions through her daughters Day Dream and Doreè. Unfortunately Pik Dame gave birth to colts only after Day Dream was born in 1990 (colts by Don Juan and Rebel Z) before we stopped having her covered due to health problems.

This dam line is recently represented by four mares on our stud, next to Day Dream there are two mares out of Shannon by Sandro out of Doreè and two mares by Embassy out of Day Dream (Estelle and Everybody’s Darling). All these mares are listed in the Hanoverian Jumper Program.

State premium candidate Everybody’s Darling by Embassy out of Day Dream, 2005 winner of the Hanoverian Foal Championship, passed her mare performance test in Verden with a total of 8.08, her jumping abilities were rated twice 10 points (scope and style).

Since February 2010 she has been trained for competitions. (s. a. Competitation centre)

2. Dam line of Cabanda (combined talents)

Dam line of Cabanda

  • offspring success account: 325,000.- €
  • 16 approved stallions (Hanoverians)
  • 225 competition horses

This dam line has been represented on our stud by Sirikit by Shogun XX/Frustra II/Maigraf XX/ Dohlenfuerstin (Daniela)/Der Loewe XX for more than 25 years.

Sirikit’s offspring are characterized by good nerves, suppleness and outstanding rideability.

Her daughter Real Surprise by Ravallo stands for this dam line just as Amelie by Accurado out of Ricarda by Ravallo, both mares are currently ridden by amateur riders.

3. Dam line of Antje (combined talents)

Dam line of Antje

  • offspring success account: 163,000.- €
  • 10 approved stallions (Hanoverians)
  • 231 competition horses

Five years ago we purchased Die Graefin by De Niro, MM Donna Maria (full sister to Donnerwetter) as a filly from the breeder and neighbour Heinrich Neven. Die Graefin and her matings by San Amour have represented this line ever since.


4. Dam line of Klaseta (focal point: jumping)

Dam line of Klaseta

  • offspring success account: 455,078.- €
  • 10 approved stallions (hanoverians) including sire Grannus
  • 305 competition horses

''Fortuna'' by Fighting Alpha was purchased as a top jumping horse, due to injury she now is a breeding mare, hopefully her offspring will inherit her remarkable jumping abilities.