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Training concept

In principle all the horses in our riding centre are trained according to their abilities and physical development.

Our own youngsters start their training as 3-year-olds in spring, then they spend one more summer in the pasture and return to training in autumn. Then they are prepared for their first competition season with the focus on individual encouragement, the same rule applies for horses that are purchased.

During the winter months the jumping horses as well as the dressage horses are schooled in dressage lessons as the base for more ambitious tasks.

There is agreement among Josè Cristiano Bicudo and us that any horse is presented in competitions according to its physical abilities and level of practical training, great importance is attached to individual encouragement and training.

The philosophy reads as follows: A clear round with time penalties is more valuable than a risky fast round only to gain victory. It is out of the question that horses gifted with speed and rideability will be successful in highly demanding jumping classes if they trust their riders due to fair treatment.